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Sun Salutation - Deepening the Practice

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Sun Salutation Word Guides (translations)

As you go through the 12 poses/asanas of the Sun Salutation (illustration below), internally consider these words

1. Near and Dear Friend
2. Radiance
3. God/Ultimate Reality
4. Light
5. Sky-goer
6. Source
7. The Light in All
8. Illuminating Rays
9. Infinite Source
10. Origin of All
11. Pure Essence
12. Omnipresence

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit) is traditionally practiced facing east at sunrise but can be practiced any time. Surya translates as Supreme Light. Relating that with the sun is considered a form we may more easily comprehend. So however you relate with ultimate reality, it can be brought to light through the poses of sun salutation as; a near and dear friend, radiating, giving life and light, moving across the sky, source, a light in all, shining illuminating rays, an infinite source, origin of all, pure essence, omnipresent.

Practicing Sun Salutations with an open heart, reverence and surrender, love and compassion
deepen its effects and benefits. The poses/asanas of Sun Salutations are done on each side,
12 on right, then 12 on left to complete one round

As a supplemental technique while practicing Sun Salutations, acknowledge, relate with, nod or bow (pranam)
to that aspect of Ultimate Reality as you know it to be alongside one of the 12 word guides.
For instance; Nature, Life, God, Ultimate Reality, the sun, a loved one...

1. "To Life, Near and Dear Friend, I bow."
2. "To the Radiance of Life, I bow."
3. "To Ultimate Reality in Life, I bow"
4. "To Light in Life, I bow"
5. "To Life as Skygoer, I bow"
6. "To Life as Source, I bow"
7. "To Life - Light in All, I bow"
8. "To The Illuminating Rays of Life, I bow"
9. "To Infinite Source in Life, I bow"
10. "To Origin of All in Life, I bow"
11. "To Pure Essence in Life, I bow"
12. "To Life Omnipresent, I bow"

Sun Salutation Mantras (In Sanskrit)

meditate om

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